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best home inspector
tacoma home inspection
best home inspector

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Selecting a home inspection service is crucial.  Like every industry, there are several professionals claiming to be the most qualified.  That simply isn't the case.  Most have lots of shiny gadgets, extra services, and processes that can be overwhelming.  Here are several reasons why people choose HomeBidge Inspections:

*   We work for you, not the realtors        *  Our Inspections Are Guaranteed

*  Same Day Report Delivery                          *  We Want YOU to attend

*  We Inform You During the Process          We Are on the Roof.  No Drones.

We have the Experience you can Trust  Highest Detailed Reports

Available 7 Days a Week                              We Care Where Others Fall Short


What We Inspect

attic inspection
best Tacoma home inspection
home inspection in Tacoma Washingtons

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Exterior  - Exterior Building Materials and Systems
Interior  -  Doors, Windows, Floors, Appliances and More...
Plumbing   -  Plumbing Fixtures, Water Heaters, Shut-Off Valves and More...
Heating and Cooling -  Testing of HVAC systems for proper operation.
Crawlspace -   Plumbing, Insulation, Rodent Activity, Water Intrusion, Floor Structure and more..
Attics  -  Insulation, Ventilation, Evidence of Leaking Roofs, Roof Structure Integrity, and more...
Electrical  System Grounding, Materials, Knob-and-Tube wiring, Service Drop and more...
Foundation  -  Checking for structural integrity, settling and damage requiring attention
Chimney and Fireplace  -  Inspecting for safety related issues and functionality.
Grading and Drainage  -  We Inspect for proper drainage away from the property.
Decks  / Patios  -  We inspect for structural and safety concerns.
Mold / Mildew We inspect for the presence of mold-like substances throughout.
Garage and Carports   Inspecting systems, functions and integrity related to the vehicle stations.
Sewer Lines 
 We provide an additional sewer scope service if needed, partnered with

And much more...

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